Welcome to Japan.
We are an Onsen Ryokan or a Japanese-style inn.
Our staff all welcome you and are here to provide an enjoyable stay in Japan.


    Breakfast Included 【Hotel building 】
    One stay include dinner&breakfast 【Hotel building 2F/3F】

    We are located 2 hours by train from Tokyo and 1 hour by car from Narita Airport. Our facility was originally an Imperial Villa and therefore we stand in rich nature surrounded by sea and forest, providing a slow and relaxing atmosphere. On a nice day, you will be the first one in Japan to see the sunrise coming up from the ocean. Another appeal is our Japanese cuisine, serving plenty of fresh seafood from local fishing ports which provide one of the largest catches in Japan. Please come stay with us and make one of the best memories of your trip in Japan.

    Floor guide
    Experience a Japanese-style inn

    Most rooms have a grand ocean view. You will be able to experience tatami mats and futons or Japanese-style bedding, a unique opportunity available only in Japan. Beds are also available for guests who are not comfortable with Japanese-style bedding.


      Experience a hot spring bath

      Onsen experience special to Japan
      Experience a private open-air bath looking at the blue ocean during the day and the light from the lighthouse at night.


        Chartered bath

        A chartered bath in the forest We have a quiet chartered bath in the forest. We hope you will enjoy it.

        Chartered open-air bath

        ¥2,000 for one hour
        10:00-24:00(Last admission 23:00)

          Spa mimori

          Esthetic salon in the annex surrounded by forest. The treatment room with open-air bath will heal your skin and mind in a relaxing atmosphere.

            Spa building

              Experience Japanese cuisine

              One of the best Japanese Omotenashi, or hospitality, is to have guests taste the fresh local and seasonal ingredients. Please enjoy fresh seafood of Choshi, vegetables grown in our private garden by our staff and the aroma of soy sauce, a special product of Choshi.

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                Seasonal ingredients

                We have a wholesaler license that allows us to buy the freshest fish directly from the fishing port at a wholesale price and serve it to our guests.
                We hope you will be satisfied with the variety of fish from Choshi and our special presentation of Japanese cuisine.

                  Private vegetable garden

                  We have a private vegetable garden making use of our large property. We make efforts to please our guests with a seasonal harvest including summer vegetable and Shiitake mushrooms grown in the forest on the mountain-side of our building.
                  Due to the harvest season, we may not able to provide our vegetables to all our guests, but you will be able to enjoy them if you come at the right time.

                  Traditional tastes "Hishio"

                  Another special product of Choshi, a city that has a long history with soy sauce production, is called "Hishio". It is a fermented food that looks like miso paste but full of the delicious flavor of soy sauce, so to speak a soy sauce to eat.

                  For a comfortable stay

                  We welcome guests from overseas.
                  Our friendly staff are very happy to support your stay. Multilingual tools are also available for a smooth communication with you.

                    Sightseeing Information

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                      A walk to Inubousaki lighthouse

                      One-hour round-trip walk on the promenade Take a slow and relaxing walk to Inubousaki lighthouse while enjoying watching the waves change every second and different looks of the ocean.

                        Sightseeing in Choshi

                        Sightseeing in Choshi is also a pleasant experience. Visit the Choshi port which provides one of the largest catches in Japan, walk in Choshi city where the atmosphere of the good old days of Japan still remains, and learn about the tradition of soy sauce production rooted in this area for a long time.

                          Choshi Geopark

                          This is a tourist attraction in the wider area of Choshi where you can enjoy a grand landscape, looking at the ancient stratum covering several million years which became visible through ocean erosion.



                            ADDRESS: 10292-1, Inubosaki, Choshi-shi, Chiba, Japan


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